The Most expensive and the cheapest cities in Canada


Canada is ranked as the fifth most expensive country in the world as it offers some of the top universities that many people around the world like to educate in them. As a country with a high rate of life expectancy, Canada is a dream country for a lot of people around the globe for many reasons:

Breathtaking nature, polite people, hockey, job opportunities, good healthcare and so on.

There are several criteria that distinguish different Canadian states and cities. Education system, working conditions, cost of living, are all factors that affect the choice of immigration destination; but perhaps the most important criterion, especially for Iranians, is economic conditions. The cheapest cities in Canada for Iranians are the cities that, in addition to having many job opportunities, have the highest proportion between normal income and living expenses.

There are many reasons why Canada is attractive to immigrants from all over the world, including large size, low population, advanced economy, high quality of life, abundant job opportunities, superior educational facilities, and so on.

If you have decided to move to Canada, you will probably need to know the most affordable cities, but to start let’s take a look at the most expensive cities in the country.

The most luxurious Cities and neighborhoods in Canada

Where do Canadian politicians live? Where are the homes of Canadian celebrities? Or more explicitly: Where is Uptown, Canada?

In most major cities in the world, there are areas that are considered separate; in these areas, which are popularly called uptown/upscale where affluent people and those with power and wealth live. The most luxurious and glamorous cities in the world are New York, London and Paris, but in Canada there are so many metropolises that politicians, athletes, artists and other wealthy people live in the magnificent houses of these areas and behind the windows of penthouses, they own the city and its people.

It may seem that in developed countries there is no class difference and everyone is almost on the same level; but this is just a misconception. In Canada, as in other countries, celebrities with great power and wealth consider only certain parts of the city as their home. If you want to get acquainted with the most luxurious neighborhoods in different cities of Canada, stay with us.

1. Bridle Path, Toronto

The name of this neighborhood means horse riding road; One step closer to Bridle Path, you will find that you have set foot in one of Canada’s most expensive neighborhoods. The houses in this neighborhood of Toronto are built very specially. In this Toronto neighborhood, the architecture of the houses is so unique and also various, you can find architectural designs from postmodern to medieval castles in front of your eyes. But the reason why we chose Bridle Path as the first neighborhood is that it actually is the most expensive neighborhood in the country.

In short, wealth is raining down on this neighborhood, or more precisely, it is on its way! The Bridle Path is located east of Bayview near Lawrence and there are rich people from all walks of life in this neighborhood. Homes in Toronto start at $ 2 million and go up to $ 20 million.

2. Rosedale, Toronto

Rosedale is one of Toronto’s most beautiful suburbs, located north of downtown Toronto. Although the Bridle Path may be glamorous, it is considered by many to be classier than the Rosedale neighborhood.

This is a traditional neighborhood where some of Ontario’s most important and wealthy families live. The wealth of these families has been passed down from generation to generation, and that is why this neighborhood is considered authentic. The historic, beautiful and magnificent Rosedale neighborhood is safe from the chaos and madness of a big city like Toronto.

Everywhere in this neighborhood that has not been built is covered with green space, trees and plants all protected with fences and these have separated the residents of this neighborhood from the rest of Toronto.

3. Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa

This neighborhood is located in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. The neighborhood is home to some of Canada’s richest and most powerful people. Like many of Canada’s luxury areas, many parts of the neighborhood are covered with forests and green spaces, although there is a large area between the trees and large buildings.

Privacy is one of the reasons this neighborhood in Ottawa has become a base for the rich and powerful. There are no sidewalks in this neighborhood of Ottawa, so there is less pedestrian traffic. Also, the road and the street do not have much access to this neighborhood and ordinary people who do not live in this neighborhood can practically not access it, and thus this neighborhood has high privacy and complete isolation. The most important house in this neighborhood belongs to the leader of the Opposition party.

4. New Edinburg, Ottawa

New Edinburgh, like Rockcliffe Park, is a luxury neighborhood. The official home of the Prime Minister of Canada, 24 Sussex Drive, is in this neighborhood. Many ambassadors from different countries and other high-ranking officials also live in this neighborhood. People typically believe that when a country’s political leader lives in a neighborhood, it cannot be called a usual neighborhood.

The New Edinburgh neighborhood allows residents to enjoy one of the most beautiful features a place can have: the Rideau River flowing in the west of the neighborhood which is breathtaking.

5. Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver: 

Although Vancouver is a very modern city and is inhabited by rich people who have not inherited their wealth from ancient times, there are still places in Vancouver where old buildings and wealthy families live. The Shaughnessy Heights neighborhood is definitely one of those places. The net worth of households in this neighborhood, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, averages $ 7.82 million.

The houses in this neighborhood, ironically, have the highest prices. Buying a house in this neighborhood usually costs about 3 million dollars. This neighborhood was built by the Pacific Railway Company of Canada, as the purpose of the company was to build a new and highly unique core of Vancouver real estate.

4. West Bay & Sandy Cove, Vancouver: 

In most coastal cities, at least one of the most unique neighborhoods is probably facing the sea. West Bay & Sandy Cove is one of the most luxurious seaside neighborhoods located on the west of Vancouver. The houses of this neighborhood, which are the best examples of magnificent architecture and amazing views of the Strait of Georgia This neighborhood is ideal for urbanites whose heart beats for sea overnight stays.

5. Laval-sur-le Lac, Montreal: 

If you have an idea of ​​luxury, spacious houses, tidy lawns and trees, private golf clubs and houses facing the sea, we introduce you to Laval-sur-le Lac. The Rivier-des-Praires River provides a glimpse of Canada’s the most spectacular scenery. In addition, Le Club Laval-sur-le Lac Golf Club, one of the legendary French-speaking clubs in Canada, is located in this neighborhood.

6. Westmount Summit, Montreal

Most parts of the Westmount neighborhood can be found among the most luxurious parts of Montreal, but the reality is that the Westmount Summit is home to the wealthy. The word Summit in English means peak, and incidentally Summit is one of the three peaks of Mont Royal. Westmount is located on the right side of the island of Montreal and is the richest ecclesiastical neighborhood in Montreal.

This neighborhood, like several other neighborhoods on this list, is one of the richest neighborhoods in all of Canada. Old stone / brick houses can be seen in abundance in this neighborhood. Prominent Canadian people like Marc Garneau, the first Canadian astronaut to go into space, have lived in this neighborhood at some point in their lives.

7. Britannia, Calgary

The Bridle Path may be Canada’s busiest neighborhood, but Calgary is the UK with the highest per capita income. The average annual household income in Calgary is $ 1.45 million. The most spectacular houses in this neighborhood are facing Riverdale Park. The golf clubs of this neighborhood are also a hangout for the rich people of the city. There is a shopping mall in this neighborhood called Shoppes of Britannia. Other Canadian neighborhoods do not have this feature.

8. Bel Aire & Mayfair, Calgary

Homes in Calgary are valued at an average of $ 1.35 million. Homes are usually 4,000 square feet, which is why it has definitely found a place on this list.

9. South Tuxedo and Old Tuxedo, Winnipeg

The million-dollar homes in the South Tuxedo neighborhood of Winnipeg, Canada, have led us to introduce you to this list.

Some people equate this neighborhood with Old Tuxedo, but the locals do not quite agree with this category. Old Tuxedo homes cost an average of about $ 500,000, and the average net personal wealth of a house.

Why is it so important to make a good decision?

The decision to emigrate alone is not enough, but success in this path requires accurate information and the right choices to follow. The first step is to determine the purpose and reason for migrating so that you can research various immigration methods to Canada according to your needs and characteristics; For example, if you decide to immigrate for work, you must first assess the jobs required and the conditions that are of interest to the Canadian employer. However, the most important issue is choosing the best city to work and live in a country like Canada.

An ideal city for immigration and living is a city where, in addition to having many job opportunities, the cost of living in it is proportionate enough to manage an upper-middle-class life with a job income.

Quality of life is affected by costs, which plays an important role in choosing the best city in Canada. Although Canada is an expensive country, living costs and living conditions are not the same in all cities and states.

The cheapest cities in Canada for Iranians are determined by the purchase and rental of property, transportation, health and welfare services, and so on; Therefore, people who do not have much financial means should pay attention to it from the very beginning. It is also important to pay attention to the official language in different Canadian states; because in some states, citizens only speak French.

Most affordable cities in Canada 

1. SherBrooke, Quebec

Monthly rent for one bedroom apartment in the city center: $ 475

Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center: $ 405

SherBrooke is the sixth largest city in the province of Quebec and the cultural, economic and political center of Esther. The city has the largest number of international students in all of Quebec; 40,000 foreign students are studying in 8 educational institutions of this city. Another attraction of this city is the mountainous nature, many rivers and lakes and ski slopes. Whether you are single or an entrepreneur or married and have a large family, you will definitely find affordable housing in this city.

2. Moncton, New Brunswick

Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center: $ 734

Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center: $ 642

The city of Moncton is located in the heart of the sea and can be reached by plane or train. The city has an estimated population of 140,000 and is the only city officially declared bilingual (English and French are the two official languages ​​of the city). It is ideal for nature lovers as it is close to parks and beaches and is full of affordable homes.

More than 1.4 million people are just 3 hours away from downtown Manhattan and regularly visit the city for leisure. With 47% of the city’s workforce fluent in both English and French, many employers are willing to hire bilinguals that makes Moncton an ideal place for business. So, it is no surprise that the city is full of companies working in the fields of finance, game development, and warehousing.

If you hate the traffic of big cities, you will surely fall in love with Moncton, because in this beautiful city of Canada, you can go anywhere you want for 15 to 30 minutes wasting no time.

3. Thunder Bay, Ontario

Monthly rent for one bedroom apartment in the city center: $ 925

Monthly rent for one bedroom apartment outside the city center: $ 818

Thunder Bay is called ‘Lakehead’ because it is located on the Great Lakes of Canada and is surrounded by national parks and a pristine nature. The population of this city is estimated at 108 thousand people; it is also worth mentioning that Lakehead University is located in this city. It is a prominent university that has campuses in Thunderfury and Orillia, Ontario. Major industries operating in the city include transportation, education, mining, manufacturing and forestry.

4. St. Catharines, Ontario

Monthly rent of one bedroom apartment in the city center: $ 998.18

Monthly rent of one bedroom apartment outside the city center: $ 905.56

St. Catharines is well-known as the City of Gardens because it is surrounded by beautiful and magical gardens and parks. The fame of this small town is mostly because of Niagara Falls and also beauties that most people in this city do not know anything about. The presence of Niagara Falls has an advantage for the city that the parks and gardens around it are safe as they never see the crowds.

5. Kitchener, Ontario

Monthly rent of one bedroom apartment in the city center: $ 1,168.33

Monthly rent of one bedroom apartment outside the city center: $ 957.14

Kitchener is known for being modern, ever-expanding and also its thriving business environment. Ontario Kitchener’s unemployment rate is very low and there are more than 374,000 jobs in the city, 60% of which are full-time. Kitchener city center is home to the oldest houses dating back to before World War II. One of the most affordable neighborhoods in Kitchener is Victoria Hills. Living in Kitchener also puts you close to the Waterloo job market.

6. Abbotsford, British Columbia

Monthly rent of one bedroom apartment in the city center: $ 1,050.00

Monthly rent of one bedroom apartment outside the city center: $ 962.50

About 141,000 people live in Abbotsford, British Columbia. It is the third city in terms of high density of minorities. The city of Abbotsford is located near the US border and Abbotsford International Airport. It is less than an hour from cities such as Vancouver and Richmond. Due to the strong education system of this city, many students and their families live in this city. One of Canada’s largest universities, Fraser University, is located in the city. The city is very close to the ocean shores and mountains.

7. London, Ontario

Monthly rent of one bedroom apartment in the city center: $ 1,060.87

Monthly rent of one bedroom apartment outside the city center: $ 908.33

The city of London is the sixth largest city in Ontario and has 366,000 people in its heart. London, Ontario is the hub of music festivals and art galleries. London Ontario has a strong education and treatment system. The short-term rental market is also hot, as most of the city’s citizens are students and doctors who are constantly moving. Therefore, London Ontario is suitable for people who do not have time to scratch their heads and want to live in a neighborhood for a while and then extend the rent or even buy a house.

Places like Fairmont and White Oak are also ideal for people planning to move to London, Ontario with their family. The city of London, Ontario is close to the US-Canada border and is therefore ideal for frequent travelers. The four-season climate of London, Ontario is milder and milder than that of northern Canada. The main reason people move to London Ontario is because it is more affordable; This city has all the facilities of big cities, but its climate is not like big cities at all. It has cozy parks, but the city center is also bustling. This combination makes London Ontario suitable for many personality types. The business climate in London, Ontario is also unique.

Many startups and small businesses are attracted to London Ontario. Most of the employment in this city is in the fields of education, treatment and finance.

sehold in this neighborhood is C $ 4.23 million.

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